What is the Check-In Procedure of Air Kenya? 


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Kenya Airways counters close one hour before international flights depart and 30
minutes before domestic flights depart. Suppose you checked in online but could
not print your boarding ticket or forgot it due to unavoidable circumstances.  

In that case, you must go to check-in to pick up your boarding pass up to 60
minutes before departure for international flights and up to 40 minutes before
departure for domestic flights. 

Online Kenya Airways Check-In

Kenya Airways provides you with a cutting-edge online check-in system. If you Kenya Airways check-in online and print your boarding card simultaneously, you can skip huge lineups and save time at the airport. Passengers can check in online starting 30 hours before departure and ending 1 hour before departure.

Passengers are required to check in at the airport instead of using Online Check-in when:

• Passengers who have made a reservation for a group of ten or more people.

• They have requested the Unaccompanied Minors service or are traveling with an infant.

• Passengers who have sought help are not accompanied by someone in the same booking, which is 15 or older.

• Passengers face physical difficulties.

• Online Check-in is not available at the departure airport.

You can check in online whether you only have carry-on luggage or checked luggage. In addition, if your reservation includes a return flight within 30 hours of your initial flight's departure time, you can also check in for your return journey.

To use Online Check-in, go to the check-in option on the airline's website or the KQ Mobile, Kenya Airways' mobile app, fill out all relevant information, select your seat, and print your boarding ticket. If you cannot log in or print your boarding card on the website, proceed to the airline's ticket office at the airport for check-in.

After you've completed the Online Check-in process, you have the following options for receiving your boarding pass:

• Print.

• Send and receive SMS.

• Receive on your iPhone or iPod.

• Get your mail.

Passengers are encouraged to walk straight to a check-in desk if they need to make changes. You can print one of the following documents, depending on your departing airport:

• A valid boarding pass. It would help if you took it with you to the airport. This document cannot be printed at home in some airports. If such is the case, you must pick up your boarding card at the airport.

• Document of Confirmation When you cannot print your boarding card; it displays a confirmation of your Online Check-in process. Your boarding pass should be picked up at the airport.

Please Follow These Instructions If You Checked in Online:

If you have any form of luggage with you, you must leave it off at one of the specific Online Check-in drop-off points at least 1 hour before your flight if flying domestically and 2 hours before your trip if flying internationally.

If you only have carry-on luggage, you may arrive at the boarding gate at the time specified on your boarding card.

Check-In at The Airport

All passengers are welcome to check-in policies at the airport, and travelers must provide an official identity at the boarding gate and check-in booths. Depending on the passenger's destination, different check-in times apply:

• International flights are available. Passengers flying on foreign routes must check in at the airport at least two and a half hours before their departure time.

• One hour before the flight's departure, all airline counters are closed. This is true for all travelers, regardless of travel class (Economy or Business – Premier World).

• Domestic flights are available. On internal routes, all passengers must check in at the airport 90 minutes before departure. All airline counters close 30 minutes before the departure of the flight.

• This is true for all travelers, regardless of travel class (Economy or Business – Premier World). Travelling Blue Elite Gold and Platinum members get priority check-in and boarding when flying from Nairobi to any Kenya Airways destination. They'll also get access to the airport lounge and several other benefits.


If traveling domestic routes, passengers must arrive at the allocated boarding gate at least 45 minutes before the departure time.

• If you're flying internationally, arrive one hour before your scheduled departure time.

• Your reserved seat will no longer be guaranteed if you do not meet this deadline. Thirty minutes before departure, the boarding gates close.

Kenya Airways reserves the right to admit passengers on the flight if the passenger is not present when the boarding gate closes.


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